All About Color

There are four different main colors when it comes to Aussies:

Black Bi/Tri- Solid black coat with markings or points of white and/or copper.

Blue Merle- A marbling of gray/silver and black, often creating a "blue" effect this can be accompanied with copper and white points.

Red Bi/Tri- Solid red coat (ranging from light cinnamon to liver) with markings or points of white and/or copper.

Red Merle- A marbling of buff/silver and red patches, this can be accompanied with copper and white points.

There are eight pictures posted,  two for each color. An adult picture and a puppy picture for each color. They are posted in the order they were explained.

Puppy Pricing

Common questions we are asked are about pricing, sizes, health testing and guarantees. I will try to answer that here, pups usually run $1700-$4000 (most commonly $1700-2000 pet pricing). Obviously Merles are on the upper end (usually $2500-3000 pet pricing), and Tri colored pups are on the lower end ($1700-1900 pet pricing). Tri pups with blue eyes are more expensive as they are more rare than a Tri with brown eyes, and often run higher than Merles ($3500-4000+). Exceptional Merle females with perfect markings and 2 blue eyes can run $3000-3500. Breeding rights are often higher in price. As a reference, all the dogs we have purchased to create our base of dogs have cost $1500-$4000 with the average dog being $2000. So yes, we also have put a lot into this as well!


All about size

We have small, medium and large toys. I have 2-4 dogs that are small minis just barely. Our dogs range from 11-14.5 inches and 9-28 pounds. We will ask you what you desire and work with you on the size you want. We will not tell you a dog will be a small toy when we know it's parents are large toys. While we can never guarantee size, we will do our best to get you what your heart desires.

Health Guarantee

Our dogs are all genetically tested and we provide copies of the parent's testing when you buy a pup. We guarantee pups/dogs free of genetic defects and will ALWAYS take a dog back for any reason. We are known for our excellent socialization and your pup will be highly loved and handled before it comes home.


Puppy Travel

Getting your puppy to you is not our expense. You need to plan for the expense of picking up or delivery of your pup. We do not ship puppies cargo under any circumstance. We do try to help with travel expenses, but that is not included in the price of the puppy. We can assist with delivery options if needed - please inquire!!!!!


Deposit List

Deposits to hold your place in line for pick of a puppy are $300, and are refundable if you do not pick a pup. Once you have picked a pup out; the deposit to hold the pup after 5 weeks of age is half of the price of the pup, and that will become non-refundable if you change your mind after week 5 of the pup's life. By pressing the button below it will link you to our PayPal if you would like to leave a deposit. Along with the deposit please leave your full name, what your looking for, and your phone number.


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