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I don't even know where to start.
We were looking for a breeder for our female Mija. Melinda was recommended by another breeder as she lived much closer to us than where we had purchased Mija. That was the best phone call I have ever made. There is no one that could love their dogs as much as Melinda and Brian, including myself. Their tribe is gorgeous and all raised in their home. We were first time breeders and didn't know half of what we should be doing. Melinda took us under her wings and has pulled us through several challenging situations. She is always there to answer questions and to help with whatever she can. She and Brian have been a blessing to us and we look forward to hopefully many more opportunities to work (and play) together. Thanks Melinda and Brian for always being there for us and for the beautiful babies we got from breeding Mija to Hotchkiss ! You are amazing!!!

Carol Medlen


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Melinda, and Gunslinger Mini and Toy Aussies.

From day 1, Melinda was so kind and patient with me as I had so many questions about adding another little Aussie to our family. After Beau (Stabler) joined our family, I was blown away at how amazing this little boy is. He’s very social, curious and fearless! He loves to chill and chew his bones and he also loves to play with all his toys and his older sister. You can just tell how much love and care went into raising this puppy by his little personality. I would highly recommend Gunslinger Mini and Toy Aussies if you’re wanting to bring a little Aussie into your world. You won’t regret it!!

Jennifer Martin


We have loved getting to know Brian and Melinda and their entire Gunslinger family of dogs. We fell in love with several of their dogs and were excited about 2 dogs that Melinda was pairing in the summer. Melinda spoke with me several times, dreamed with our family, and prayed that our dreams would be met with a little Tri girl come August.
Melinda emailed me early in the morning to let me know that a Tri female had been born, but it wasn’t exactly the color I wanted. My husband and I spoke briefly and decided we didn’t care she was a Black Tri (vs Red Tri); what was more important that she was from the dam & sire we both really liked, and most of all she was coming from 2 people we trusted fully.
Let’s just say Venna our little one is perfect!!! We are thankful for Melinda and Brian who trusted us with our beautiful baby and invited us into this amazing Gunslinger family! We will be looking forward to adding a little toy Merle boy in the future to go with our beautiful toy Tri girl, Venna. We love and recommend Gunslingers to anyone seeking to have a long term relationship with their breeder, as well as a well bred beautiful dog you can be proud to show and love.

Keri Jolene Pass


I love Melinda! When we got our boy Oakley from her, it was the best decision we ever made! She is SO helpful and cares so much about her puppies!! It was so fun to meet all of her dogs when we picked Oakley up, I would 10/10 get another puppy from her again!

I have two dogs from Melinda and they are absolutely perfect! I can tell how socialized they are as puppies, they are so smart, and the perfect family dog!! Melinda is so helpful, kind, and knowledgeable ❤️

Maple is 4 months old now and we don’t ever want her to grow up!! 😉 After she got her rabies shot we were able to take her with us to Junkstock and needless to say, she was a celebrity! She would practically leap out of my arms to say hi to strangers and lick them to death 😂 Thank you Brian and Melinda for bringing not only one but two sweet and cuddly babies into our family!

Almost a year later I’d like to add to my review! If I could give Melinda 6 stars I would!! I own 3 toy aussies, I recently found my newest baby from another litter of hers. After I got my boy, Oakley, I knew I’d never be purchasing from a different breeder again! Now that I have my new girl, Maple, it is even more evident to me how much love and work Melinda and the other Gunslinger’s put into raising these babies. I have zero complaints! Both of my babies are insanely cuddly, laid back, and are extremely socialized. I’m in love 😍 12/10 recommend!

Madi Caradori


I just bought a Toy Aussie from Melinda and what a great experience this was! Melinda is very knowledgeable about the breed and truly loves what she does. As for our little man Cash, well he came to us healthy, extremely socialized and has the greatest little attitude. He's a love bug for sure and we're so excited to have him in our lives. If you're looking for an Aussie, I highly recommend Gunslingers.

Angie Youngblood


We have two of their pups and one more on the way. Brian and Melinda are amazing and their dogs are even better! We just had our first litter and I wouldn't have made it through it without Melinda and her willingness to help and answer my questions; it helped me survive it. My only complaint with them is that she is so far away from me!!

You guys truly are the best I can't wait to pick up our 3rd beautiful fur baby from you guys!! Just a couple more weeks!!! I'm so thankful for finding you!

Jen Wriedt


When I was looking for my newest addition I was given this site as an option to look at. My attention was caught right away with how beautiful Mrs. Melinda and Mr. Brian's pups were. What really got me was that the pups are not brought up outside or in a "puppy room" they are raised IN their house and loved on every day! I received weekly updates of my baby growing and it made the eight weeks of waiting a little easier! Hazel has the best personality and I can tell she has been very well socialized! She is so smart and has already learned to walk to the door to go potty (I've only had her two days guys) I can't imagine getting another Aussie from anyone else! I definitely got what I paid for! ❤️❤️

Kennedy Meaux


I purchased a puppy from Melinda and Brian almost 4 years ago (2015). He is beautiful everything I ever could have asked for in a Mini/Toy Aussie. His name is Steeler.

I would definitely recommend them as a Breeder! And I would purchase another puppy from them.

Loretta Pilgrim

Remi Radomski_edited.jpg

Awesome breeder! Highly recommend her pups.
I bought a blue merle male to breed to my girls; Melinda helped me set up kennels in my lower level, and Remi was trained to go in a litter box. Great experience!
Melinda treats every dog like its her only one.

Julie Radomski


My Gunslinger Aussie is the best dog in the world. She came from a great breeder and wonderful people. It is like finding a piece of your heart that you didn't realize was missing.


Carla Dragon

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