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Meet Our Outlaws!
The non-breeding pets we call family!



About lucky:

lucky, aka "booty" "lucky booty" "boot", is just that! one heck of a lucky dog! he is melinda's baby! born with a severe cleft palate, lucky spent most of the first year of his life having multiple surgeries and being tubal fed by melinda.  they have a unique bond, and just like his name says, he is lucky to be alive!
we love our booty!!!

Sire: no limit gunslingin' hotchkiss

Dam: brat's gunslingin' tikka



About diesel:

diesel, aka "pookie",  is joey's big red dog!
he is a red lab and he loves to play fetch! we don't know what we would do without our big ol' labby dab! 



about dixie:

dixie, aka "dixie chicken" "chicken" "chicken lickin", is joey's other labby dab! She is a yellow lab and she loves to play in the dirt and mud! she is often found wondering around the property searching for swim holes and mud holes. she drives us absolutely nuts, but we love her so much! 


kitty cat

about kitty cat:

kitty cat is the only cat at gunslinger ranch, and she wouldn't have it any other way! she spends most of her days sleeping in random spots around the house and on occasions, she enjoys terrorizing the house dogs, especially lucky and kimber! we love this sweet, spoiled kitty cat!



about lottie:

lottie, aka "lottie pig" "lottie tummy", is a kune kune pig!  she and her sister, lillie, are free roaming pigs on the gunslinger ranch. there is never a dull day with the likes of this piggy!



about lillie:

lillie, aka "lillie pig", is our other kune kune pig. she has a very strong personality and thinks she is the boss of the ranch.  we have had some crazy times with this little piggy, but we love her, nonetheless. 

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