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Information on Puppy Pricing 

Common questions we are asked are about pricing, sizes, health testing and guarantees.


First and foremost, we can only give a temporary quote on a puppy until the puppy opens their eyes. Once their eyes are open, then we can give the accurate quote. 

Here is an overview of our price ranges:

🐶 Merles are on the upper end of the price range-usually between $3000-$4000,
depending on coat markings, color of eyes, and gender. 


🐶 Exceptional Merle females with perfect markings and two blue eyes will be $4000.


🐶 Tri colored puppies are on the lower end of the price range - usually $2000-$2500, but can go for as much as $3500 depending on gender & unique markings.


🐶 Tri colored puppies with blue eyes are more expensive, as they are more rare than a Tri with brown eyes, and often run higher than Merles! These puppies can range from $3500-$4000. 


🐶 Breeding rights are often higher in price, and we are very selective on breeding rights. Any breeder can expect to pay between $3500-$4000.


The reason for our prices being more expensive than your average breeder is due to several reasons:


🐶 We have over 25 breeding dogs that we care for. As you can imagine, that is a lot of mouths to feed.

🐶 We have several staff that care for all of the adult dogs and puppies 12 or more hours a day.

🐶 All of our dogs live in their own male/female homes - not kennels or outside.  They have couches and T.V.s and are loved like a family pet in a real home setting.

🐶 Bringing in new breeding dogs costs us money, also.

🐶And most importantly- we GUARANTEE you will have a happy, healthy puppy. We are not a backyard breeder and we put a lot of time and effort into breeding exceptional & quality Toy Aussies!

Information on Joining the Waitlist

Deposits to hold your place in line for pick of a puppy are $300, and are refundable if you do not pick a pup.Once you have picked a pup out; the deposit to hold the pup after 5 weeks of age is half of the price of the pup, and that will become non-refundable if you change your mind after week 5 of the pup's life.If you are interested in getting on our waiting list, please go to our contact page and fill out the form.  Someone from our team will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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