Meet Our Gunslinger Team

Each and everyone of these people play an important role in not only the dogs' lives, but also the puppies. Your future puppy is loved and socialized by many people before reaching you! Our "team" are also people we consider friends; in our home we are all family. We have people working at our home from six AM to nine PM. They watch over and love the dogs and puppies throughout the day (along with us), as well as keep things clean.

Sidney Walker


Sidney is the General Manager of the little Aussies and of my life (Melinda)! 😂 She keeps me organized and on track! I could not function (at least very well) without her!! Sidney has been here with us since May 2018. She has the cutest, sweetest silver Labrador Retriever name Beau and a Lil x Hotch red tri pup named Tucker. ❤️ Around here at the ranch, Rico is her shadow and goes everywhere with her! Sidney goes to the dog shows with me and helps me show! We have a lot of fun with the dogs on the road.

Becky James

Weekday Mornings - Dog Room

Becky has been with us since 2016, and without her the dogs would be unruly. Becky is the enforcer of the dog room! All the males live in the dog she keeps everyone on their best behavior. She is pictured with Benelli.😊 Becky raises German Shepherds (Long Coat and Stock Coat). She trains and shows her dogs in USCA and AKC Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking and Protection. They are pretty amazing! I tell the Aussies they better behave, or Becky will bring her German Shepherds over here – hahahaha!! Just Joking! If you are looking for a gorgeous German Shepherd, please check out Becky’s website located here:


KT Sturdivant

Weekends and Afternoon Shift

KT has been with us since March 2019 as is Kelsey her twin sister :) KT is a senior at Prairie View High School and is active in the yearbook. Her family has 8 dogs so they are naturally dog lovers! :) One of her favorites here is Hotch!


Kenna Walker

Puppy room mornings

Kenna has been with us since September 2019. She has a Mac x Rico puppy named Sophia. Kennas family loved Sophia so much her mother got an Oakley x Colt puppy that they named Benny.