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Oakley x Colt

Oakley x Colt had 3 puppies on October 21st. They had a black tri female, blue merle male, and a blue merle female mismark. This litter was named after the Lizzie McGuire TV show trio. There is one puppy available; he was on hold but became available on 1/8/2020.

Oakley (mother)

Medium toy female. Oakley is 12 inches tall and around 14lbs. She is very sweet and loves to play then nap!

Colt (father)

Medium toy male. Colt is 12.75 inches tall and around 16 lbs. He is very social and loves kisses.


Blue merle male. Gordo will be a medium to large toy. He is stunning with a great head, full collar and one blue eye. He is ready for his new home! He is $2,500.00.


Another picture of the handsome Gordo.


Uberti x Gustaf

Uberti and Gustaf had 6 puppies on October 30st. They had a black tri female, blue merle female, red tri female, blue merle male, red merle male, and a black tri male. This litter theme was Halloween names. There is 1 boy remaining! We kind of want to keep him - talk us out of it ;) They will be ready to go to their forever homes on December 25th!

Uberti (mother)

Uberti is a medium toy female. She is 13.5 inches tall and around 14 pounds. She is a very sweet and loves to play.

Gustaf (father)

Gustaf is a medium toy male. He is 12.5 inches tall and around 16 pounds. He loves to cuddle and play with his squeaky toy!


Blue merle male. He will be a medium toy. Ready for his new home just in time for Christmas! Shadow is $2,500.00.


Full body picture of Shadow.